Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our Frequently asked questions.

What is WLFIN?

WLFIN stands for West Lothian Financial Inclusion Network which has been born out of a national initiative to try to ensure that people in the community are not excluded from the community for financial reasons. WLFIN is a network of local and government organisations who work together to further the aims of financial inclusion.


How can WLFIN help me?

We try to help individuals in an indirect way. We provide the “thinking”, if you like, and sometimes assist with finance, to the local organisations who in turn will help you as an individual.

Financial inclusion covers many different things for different people. For instance, some people find it difficult to manage money, and our partners such as the Advice Shop, Citizens Advice Bureau and credit unions can assist in this area. Some people know their money handling and budgeting skills are poor and our partner Adult Basic Education can help.

Other partners cover issues directly affecting young people, elderly people, housing, young mothers, the benefits system, employment issues, banking and many more. If you think you have an issue where finance is involved we can help to steer you in the right direction.


Who is WLFIN?

WLFIN is a registered charity and partnership organisation. Our management committee is made of local councillors and representatives from the business community, voluntary sector and public sector.   The committee meet on a regular basis to plan our business.


What have we achieved to date?

WLFIN is committed to raising the awareness of financial inclusion issues. This website is part of that commitment. 


Projects supported include: