Case Studies

Case studies of people helped by WLFIN and partners.

Mrs X was 76 years old with significant health and mobility issues.   Our advisors assisted her with her Attendence Allowance Claim form and Blue Badge Application.   Her income was maximised by over £7000 per year due to receiving Attendence Allowance and an increase in her pension and reduction in housing costs as a result.

Our advisors were able to secure Ms X's accomodation following a relationship breakdown with assistance to access Legal help and representation and helped to secure her mortgage.

An employment tribunal case was taken on as part of WLFINs Law Clinic pilot.   The result was successful.

Mr X was assisted with his Employment Support Allowance appeal, after intial advice from our advisors his case was taken on by the Law Clinic and won, securing over £16,000 for 3 years along with Council Tax and Housing Benefit assistance.  

Mrs X has breast cancer, which has spread to her bones and lungs. Mr X had been made redundant and has some health problems himself. The only income coming into the household was Mrs X retirement pension and a small monthly work pension. The Advice Shop assisted Mrs X to apply for Disability Living Allowance, gaining an additional £119.45 per week, then assisted Mr X to apply for carer’s allowance £53.10 per week for looking after Mrs X. We applied for a top up of pension credit £34.64 due per week, applied for council tax benefit and now receives £19.22 per week. This saw the couple’s income increase by an extra £226.41 per week. We also applied for a community care grant for several household items that were required and successfully claimed a one off amount of £270. As part of our benefit health check the Energy Efficiency of the property was checked and noted that the house was extremely cold and there were several outstanding essential repairs needing carried out in the home.

We applied for a Macmillan grant for heating costs and Mr & Mrs X were awarded £300 to help with fuel costs. They referred Mr and Mrs X on to receive home insulation and draught-proofing to help with the energy efficiency in the home and to heat it adequately. The heating was not working properly they were referred on for the central heating programme and after assessment they have been approved for a central heating replacement. Mr & Mrs X has been asked to collate a list of repairs that need to be done in the home which will be referred to West Lothian Council’s Care & Repair Service) and they will come and do the labour free of charge for over 60’s. Mr & Mrs X are using the grant money to purchase the items they need to replace or repair.

Mr/Mrs H approached the Advice Shop as they had applied to the Energy Assistance Package for a heating upgrade, but were refused. Mr H was registered disabled and Mrs H was his full-time carer. We discussed the options with Mr/Mrs H, and as their fuel supplier was Eon, we helped them apply for a heating upgrade via the "Caring Energy Fund". As a result of this assistance they got a grant of £4,500 for a full new gas central heating system.

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